On Friday the offroad comunity's biggest, fastest and craziest starting grid starts the fight against the stop watch! 1.500 competitors from more than 40 nations and all continents enter the blakläder iron road prologue sharing the same goal: to conquer the 15km long and sometimes 30 meter wide racetrack as fast as possible, qualify themselves amongst the 500 fastest and earn a starting spot for the Red Bull Erzbergrodeo Main Race.
The blaklÄder iron road Prologue offers dramatic high-speed action of an own level. Riding skills, speed and the perfect choice of line through the many curves decide upon winning or losing. Almost anything resembling a motorbike is entitled to compete in this race, assumed it is technically OK. Big bore Enduros, Scooters, Mopeds and even modified street bike are no rare sight at the start of the Erzbergrodeo's Prologue race.
The rules are simple: each competitor has two attempt on the racetrack, one on Friday and Saturday each. Riders are released on the track in intervals of 20 seconds, and as soon as the checkers are lifted it's all about holding the throttle wide open until the finish line at the Erzberg's peak at 1.466m above sea level. Top speeds of 190 km/h are no rarity on the bumped and gnarly gravel racetrack which winds alongside the main rider paddock up to the iron mountain's peak.
After 2 days of racing, each riders fastest heat decides about his total ranking in the blakläder iron road prologue and his start at the Red Bull Erzbergrodeo Main Race...!
The blakläder iron road prologue spectator areas offer an amazing sight on the gnarly racetrack and the massive high-speeds racing action. The spectator areas are in short walking distance from the Red Bull Erzbergrodeo Arena.


Most of the top extreme enduro riders started their careers on a trial bike - the best way to learn perfect riding technique and motorcycle control from an early age!The SIBERIA TRIAL XTREME CHALENGE impressively demonstrates that a profound trials background is one of the most important tools for professionals and amateurs in extreme enduro racing!The spectacular trials course in the ACERBIS ACTION ARENA will be the venue for the races.In the qualifying sessions on Friday and Saturday, the first task is to ride as fast a lap as possible on the course, which offers a real challenge with its 5-meter-high banked curve. The 48 fastest riders from qualifying will then compete in the SIBERIA TRIAL XTREME CHALLENGE Superfinal on Saturday evening from 20:00. The final offers extremely exciting action - because the winner can look forward to a starting place on the front row of the Red Bull Erzbergrodeo 2024!

ERZBERGRODEO ONE-ON-ONE RIDER PRESENTATION: experience the Superstars of Xtreme Enduro live and up close!
Closer to the action and you'll need a helmet too! The 2-hours long ONE-ON-ONE rider presentation inside the Erzbergrodeo Arena offers an exclusive look at the world's elite motorcycle offroad riders. Erzbergrodeo presents top riders and talented rookies head to head on the Endurocross parcours in front of the Arena's grandstands. Event announcer Andi Brewi and Erzbergrodeo press/media manager Martin Kettner present each rider to the crowd. An unforgettable experience that no motorsports fan should miss!

RAID ON EISENERZ powered by HDI: the world's biggest dirtbike procession!
Friday evening is all about the biggest dirtbike-raid! At 7:00 p.m. Erzbergrodeo race promotor Karl Katoch leads more than 1.500 competitors and their motorbikes from the Red Bull Erzbergrodeo Arena down to the historic centre of Eisenerz and again back up the iron mountain. The unique procession is welcomed by thousands of people. The RAID ON EISENERZ is meant as a giant Thank You to the people of Eisenerz for their support and hospitality - a tradition that lasts for more than 2 decades!

RIDER PARTY at the Egger Festival Marquee
Competitors, entourage, crew members and spectators gather at the legendary Red Bull Erzbergrodeo Egger beer tent on friday evening for another night of fun and party! The Erzbergrodeo resident DJ will rock the beer tent until 4:00 in the morning...!

RBE24 Visitor plan Friday
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