Red Bull Erzbergrodeo in the Media

The international media interest for the Red Bull Erzbergrodeo has increased steadily over the years, and due to the extended press & media services it has reached new heights in 2010. Nowadays, millions of people in the whole world receive up to date information of the biggest and toughest Enduro race. An ever increasing number of international competitors attracts media interest not only from Europe, but from overseas as well.

No modern day motorcycle magazine can afford to not cover the Red Bull Erzbergrodeo. Lifestyle magazines, daily newspapers, TV networks, our own DVD series („The Enduro at Erzberg“), hundreds of websites - they all bear witness of the importance of the Red Bull Erzbergrodeo.

For live webcam services, visit, the internet homebase of this impressive offroad event. In the days and weeks following up to the Red Bull Erzbergrodeo, this website is accessed millions of times for results and images. The Red Bull Erzbergrodeo’s press- & media service supports print-journalists, TV-networks and online-editors all-year round with background informations, photographs and TV-footage for any kind of reports!“.


TV-networks in Austria and all across Europe, Asia, South Africa, the USA and Canada supply some millions of viewers with unbelievable footage of the unique races and side events at Erzberg each year. The international camera crews are supported by our own Red Bull Erzbergrodeo-TV media staff, while our tourguide-service ensures to position the camera operators alongside the most spectaculous sites of the racetracks. All footage is being pooled and can be accessed over our Red Bull Erzbergrodeo-TV service.


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ORF Sport Plus (AUT)
Servus TV (AUT/GER/CH)
ATV Sport (AUT)
LT-1 (AUT)
Sport-1 (GER/AUT)
Nuvolari TV (ITA)
Discovery Channel (Europaweit)
D-MAX (Europaweit)

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Kronen Zeitung (AUT)
Die Presse (AUT)
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The Red Bull  Erzbergrodeo‘s web-appearance is provided by its mother-platform The independent Austrian internet motorcycle magazine counts multi-thousands of visits per day and provides not only the online-registration for all riders but also all major informations about the Red Bull Erzbergrodeo. Hundreds of international websites are publishing news & stories from the unique event.

Just visit YouTube and search for „Erzberg“ to get a hint of how popular this race has become...


The Erzbergrodeo DVD series is one of the most successful productions in the actionsports segment. It has sold more than 150.000 copies so far, and was even awarded an XTREMEY-Award in the USA. Director Jeff Pakosta and his Throttle Entertainment Crew have shot more than 400 hours of material since 2005, so you can be sure that every aspect of the Red Bull Erzbergrodeo has been covered! The next big step will feature a 3D movie-project for 2011...