WELCOME to Red Bull Erzbergrodeo, the World Xtreme Enduro Supreme!

No other motorsports event offers it's visitors as much action and entertainment on four days as Red bull Erzbergrodeo. 4 DAYS OF FULL THROTTLE - a motto which stands for the characteristics of this worldwide unique event and its guests since 25 years!

Each year 1.500 ambitious motorsports athletes and thousands of their entourage from more than 40 nations and all continents turn the picturesque region around the Styrian Erzberg into the pulsing, actionloaded epicentre of the international motorcycle offroad community. Visiting the Red Bull Erzbergrodeo you'll get the chance to dive head first into this world of adrenaline and hammering engines - and experience the spectacular Xtreme Enduro action from first row!

To make your visit at the Red Bull Erzbergrodeo as eventful and impressive as possible, please find all important informations about the event and our visitor services below:


At Red Bull Erzbergrodeo, each event day has its very own characteristic - though they all share the same basics: boredom is not an option!

Here you can find detailed informations about each days actionloaded schedule:





The Red Bull Erzbergrodeo Arena, the actionloaded centre and starting point of all activities during the event, is located directly at the bottom of the "Iron Giant". From the spectator parking area our free-of-charge Shuttlebus-Service brings you directly to the Arena. Here you can find culinary delights as well as the infamous Red Bull Erzbergrodeo beer tent, the Erzbergrodeo VIP-Lounge, the paddocks of the world's most successful Xtreme Enduro Factory Teams and their riders, product presentations of partner companies, lots of vendor booths to go shopping and of course the spectacular side events inside the Erzbergrodeo Action Arena...!

The free-of-charge Red Bull Erzbergrodeo Shuttlebus-Service not only commutes between the spectator parking area and the Red Bul Erzbergrodeo Arena. On sunday it will also get you to some eye-popping parts of the racetracks of the RED BULL ERZBERGRODEO MAIN RACE.
Please find detailed informations about bus routes and spectator areas here. 

No matter if you are inside the Red Bull Erzbergrodeo Action Arena, equipped with grandstands for more than 700 people and 2 big daylight video walls, or at one of the spectator areas alongside the racetrack - the Red Bull Erzbergrodeo offers spectacular motorsports action on each and every day of the event.

The ACTION ARENA is not only home of high-class side events such as the ENDUROCROSS and the ONE-ON-ONE RIDER PRESENTATION, it is also hosting the breathtaking finish and winner ceremony of the RED BULL ERZBERGRODEO on sunday. On the big video walls spectators will be able to witness Live broadcastings of the Red Bull Erzbergrodeo's opening press conference (Thursday), the MITAS ROCKET RIDE and BLAKLÄDER IRON ROAD PROLOGUE, as well as the complete Live-Stream of the RED BULL ERZBERGRODEO.

The Red Bull Erzbergrodeo SPECTATOR AREAS offer all spectators a very close and direct experience of the enormous challenges riders have to handle during the races, as well as food and beverage stands. At the Red Bull Erzbergrodeo spectator points on Sunday, our Erzbergrodeo Service Crew is on hand provide additional informations about the unique race. The Red Bull Erzbergrodeo spectator areas can be reached by foot as well as by the Red Bull Erzbergrodeo Shuttlebus-Service.

You can purchase your Red Bull Erzbergrodeo visitor ticket either conveniently online at our advance booking at erzbergrodeo.at or at the entry control on site. Each person older than 14 years needs to purchase an entry ticket according to the Red Bull Erzbergrodeo ticket pricelist.

Opening hours entry control on site:

Thursday - Saturday: 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Sunday: 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.


No matter if you experience the world‘s most unique dirtbike adventure from a bird’s-eye view, in one of the spectacular Erzberg-Haulies, on board of a real 4WD-vehicle or in the saddle of an offroad motorcycle – being one of our exclusive Special Guests is a truly unforgettable experience. The customized Red Bull ERZBERGRODEO VIP-packages offer a lot of action, fun and entertainment - and leave a lasting impression with (y)our guests.

Each VIP ticket is also a valid entry ticket for all days of the event. This added value offers a maximum of action and entertainment to our Special Guests!


To enter the event venue you need a parking ticket. Parking is solely allowed between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. at the dedicated spectator parking areas. Our free-of-charge Red Bull Erzbergrodeo Shuttlebus-Service will bring you from the parking area right to the Red Bull Erzbergrodeo Arena.

Visitors arriving on a motorbike do not need a parking ticket and park their motorcycle at the dedicated motorcycle parking area.

Pricing of parking tickets:

1-day parking ticket 13,- Euro

4-day parking ticket 35,- Euro

OVERNIGHT PARKING at the event area
For visitors staying over night we offer a special Overnight Parking Area. The Overnight Parking Area is located at the Erzberg. Toilets are available there. Showers are available inside the Red Bull Erzbergrodeoarena. Water and electricity are not available at the Overnight Parking Area. Our free-of-charge Red Bull Erzbergrodeo Shuttlebus-Service will bring you from the Overnight Parking Area right to the Red Bull Erzbergrodeo Arena.

To enter the Overnight Parking Area visitors need a parking ticket which is valid for all 4 days of the event. The Overnight Parking Area ticket is available at the entry control on site or online.
Price for Overnight Parking : 100,00 € per vehicle

ARRIVAL at the event venue

The visitor driveway to the Red Bull Erzbergrodeo event venue is located right inside the town of Eisenerz via the entry "Schaubergwerk". After passing the entry control please follow the Red Bull Erzbergrodeo traffic guidance system to your respective spectator or VIP parking area.

Adress: Erzberg 1, 8790 Eisenerz

Please find maps and further informations for your arrival at the end of this page to download.

Please respect the speed limit of 20 km/h on the entire event venue
> Please display your parking ticket visibly inside your vehicle and park solely at the dedicated parking areas.All vehicles without a valid parking ticket or being parked outside the dedicated parking areas will be towed away on drivers costs.
> It is prohibited for visitors to bring a motorcycle to the event. Vehicles carrying a motorcycle are not permitted to enter the venue.
> Driving at the Erzberg compound is only allowed for approaching/exiting the venue on the dedicated spectator routes
> Please note that there may be delays by entering/exiting the Red Bull Erzbergrodeo event venue due to increased traffic during the event

For 360 days of the year, Erzberg is an active mining compound. Only for the Red bull Erzbergrodeo's 5 days event duration the miners and their heavy machinery take a break. Please regard that you are visiting an active mining compound!

For your very own safety please pay close attention to the important safety regulations. You can find them inside the free-of-charge Red Bull Erzbergrodeo event brochure, at the information boards inside the Erzbergrodeo Arena and by using the link below:


We are looking forward to welcome you as a visitor of Red Bull Erzbergrodeo and wish you an actionloaded and unforgettable stay at the World Xtreme Enduro Supreme. For any further requests and useful hints please contact our on site service crew at the Red Bull Erzbergrodeo Info-Point located right at the entrance of the Erzbergrodeo Arena.

For any requests prior to your visit of Red Bull Erzbergrodeo please contact us at info@redbullerzbergrodeo.com

RBE24 Visitor plan Friday
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RBE24 Visitor plan Saturday
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RBE24 Visitor plan Sunday
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RBE24 Visitor plan Thursday
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