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Abenteuer Erzberg -- Adventure on the Ore Mining Mountain

The mountain known as Erzberg is one-of-a-kind and it is among the top five tourist attractions in Styria. Its astounding silhouette aboveground, coupled with the discovery tour underground and a ride on the Hauly--at 860 hp the largest taxi in the world--are some of those "You have to see it to believe it" experiences. The Erzberg Mountain is actually an active open-pit mine and is currently one of the most modern surface mining operations anywhere in Europe. Iron ore has been mined here for more than 1300 years. Making active mining into a tourist attraction is unheard-of anywhere else in Europa!

May to October – By prior appointment

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Der Wilde Berg -- The Wild Mountain

Have an adventure like you've never had before! The Wild Mountain outside the idyllic town of Mautern is a place you'll never get bored of. 270 Alpine animals have come to say Hello! to you in the alpine zoo: wolves, bears, owls, donkeys, ibexes, wildcats and foxes.

Grüner See -- Green Lake

Tucked into a magnificent woodland and mountainous landscape, Green Lake seems almost mystical and enchanted. This setting makes it one of the most breathtaking lakes in the world. With the first melting of the snow in the mountains surrounding, the lake soon fills with crystal clear spring water, its extraordinary blue-green coloring is why people call the lake the Alpine Caribbean.

Trofaiach Golf Club

Right in the Heart of Styria you can find the 18-hole Trofaiach Golf Club. This course is located on a sunny alpine plateau, surrounded by a natural landscape, pristine and unequaled, with the striking beauty of the Eisenerz Alps as a backdrop.

Leopoldsteinersee -- Lake Leopoldstein

A leisurely walk around the shore of Lake LeopoldsteinStarting point: The parking lot adjacent to Lake LeopoldsteinWalking time: 1 hour – A lounge and snack bar is located at the lake:
Tel.: +43 (0)3848-3135 or +43 (0)664-416-3577
A scenic circular tour of the delightful mountain lake is a treat for the whole family.

Boat Rental at Lake Leopoldstein

You can while away the sunny hours in motor boats or rowboats from the local boat rental shop. An absolute delight right on the lake.
Boat rental: +43 (0)664-821-9501


With plenty of marked hiking paths and walking trails for just about every level of difficulty, everyone can get to the Tttoppp of Präbichl. The Real Mountain is home to paragliding, rock climbing mountain biking fans as well. Starting this summer, the alpine Alpfox Adventures will be growing to include a ropeway bridge, a flying fox parkour, a mountain go-kart course and safari cars. An action-packed day of adventure is yours for the taking on Präbichl!

Swimming Pools and Oases

The Vitalbad swimming area in the center of Eisenerz offers an incredible view of the Erzberg Mountain to swimmers and guests enjoying the wide-range of leisure and wellness activities.In the newly designed outdoor pool and sauna area at Freibad Trofaiach there is always something special for water lovers and those seeking relaxation to do.

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Fixed Rope Climbing Routes

Kaiser Franz Josef Klettersteig mit RosslochhöhleEmperor Franz Josef's Fixed Rope Climbing Route and the Rossloch CavesStarting point: The parking lot adjacent to Lake Leopoldstein – to the left of the snack bar Seestüberl in the direction of the Hochblaser summitDegree of difficulty: two sections of D; quite often C/D and often CDuration/distance: 4 hours/860 cumulative elevation gainFacets: Fantastic and long, fixed rope climbing route for sportspeople along the Seemauer Ridge at scenic Lake Leopoldstein.

Eisenerzer Klettersteig – Pfaffenstein
Eisenerz Fixed Rope Climbing Route – Pfaffenstein Summit

Starting point: At the police station in Sannstrasse, keep to the right going up the mountain until you cannot drive any further. Parking lot with an information panel near the high-voltage transmission lineDegree of difficulty: Difficult, mostly between B and C; several stretches of C/D combined with stretches of great exposure in partsAccess ascent: 2 hours/750 cumulative elevation gain

Duration/distance: 1.5 hours/300 cumulative elevation gainFacets: A really well-designed, diverse yet difficult fixed rope climbing route. With passages carefully adapted to the terrain, there are also stretches that are intense, forceful and exposed that need to be conquered.

Markussteig – Pfaffenstein – A/B
Markus' Climb – Pfaffenstein Summit – A/B

Starting point: at the police station going steeply uphill to the direction of the parking lot to the Pfaffenstein SummitHiking time: 2.5 hours/1000 cumulative elevation gainEasy fixed rope climbing route – Surefootedness and a head for heights are a must. Amazing view down towards the town of Eisenerz, the Erzberg Mountain and Lake Leopoldstein.

Kaiserschild Klettersteig
Kaiserschild Fixed Rope Climbing Route

Starting point: Parking lot near the alpine inn Gemeindealm in the Eisenerzer Ramsau regionDegree of difficulty: Quite difficult to extremely difficult, almost constantly C and D, some short passages of D/EAccess ascent: 1.5 hours along winding paths through a beech tree forest and scree fields to the base of the wall.Duration/distance: 1.5 hours/300 cumulative elevation gainMostly constant in its degree of difficulty, almost always quite steep and exposed, combined with a few really intense stretches of up to D/E.
The approx. 35 m long steel rope hanging bridge in the uppermost steep sectionis exciting, fascinating and challenging at the same time. Under no circumstances is thus tour suitable for beginners!

Topography and detailed descriptions:

Rock Climbing Garden at Lake Leopoldstein

Starting point: The parking lot adjacent to Lake LeopoldsteinRequirements: Degree of difficulty 3 to 7+Access ascent: The parking lot adjacent to Lake LeopoldsteinA challenging rock climbing garden was set up in 2013 directly at the Seemauer Ridge. 12 demanding routes set up with a sure instinct for climbing and immense experience with rope lengths of 8–22 meters are waiting for climbing enthusiasts.

Eisenerz Running and Nordic Walking Routes

Running & Nordic Walking Route – Lake Leopoldstein

The classic walk around the shore of Lake Leopoldstein
Length: 3970 m, altitude gain: 10 mLake Leopoldstein – river meadow at Seeau
Length: 7400 m, altitude gain: 50 m
Walk around the shore of Lake Leopoldstein via the wayside shrine of Blauer Herrgott

Length: 8250 m, altitude gain: 145 mOpen from April 15th to September 30th from 8:00am to 7:00pm
From October1st to October 31st from 8:00am to 5:00pm

Mountain Biking Tour

No. 1 around Lake Leopoldstein
Ideal for families: Kids can pedal easily, splash about and discover everything nature has to offer on the shores of the emerald-green mountain lake.Starting point: Lake Leopoldstein

Duration: 0.5–1 hourRequirements: easyRoute: 3.9 km (▲ 141 m ▼ 116 m)Tour along the lake promenade

Tour No. 2 around Lake Leopoldstein
This simple tour leads to a knoll and many lovely spots to stop and take a break.

Starting point: The parking lot at Lake LeopoldsteinDuration: 1–1.5 hoursRequirements: intermediateRoute: 10.1 km (▲ 312 m ▼ 306 m)Lake Leopoldstein – along the lake – after approx. 4 km turn right onto the forest road to the direction of the wayside shrine of Blauer Herrgott – further on to the Mittlere Prossen – down to the petrol station and using the public bike paths, return to Lake Leopoldstein

Tour with a view of the Erzberg Mountain
This route offers you an amazing view of the Erzberg Mountain.Starting point: The parking lot at Lake LeopoldsteinDuration: 1–2 hoursRequirements: easyRoute: 11 km (▲ 324 m ▼ 327 m)
Along the shore of the lake to the river meadow at Seeau – after approx. 4 km the bike path turns to the right up to the direction of the wayside shrine of Blauer Herrgott – further on to the Obere Prossen – downhilltowards the State Hospital in Eisenerz – using the public bike paths on the Federal Highway B115 back to Lake Leopoldstein

Eisenerz Tour

This route takes you through delightful natural scenery with spectacular lookout areas.Starting point: The parking lot adjacent to Lake LeopoldsteinDuration: 3–4 hoursRequirements: intermediate +Route: 177 km (▲ 933 m ▼ 259 m)Lake Leopoldstein – Eisenerzer Ramsau Region – up to the Radmerer Hals – and back

Grand Tour of the Adventure Region Tour

A mountain bike trail with an ever-changing terrain, on-road and through the woods, this is a challenging circular tour for practiced bikers. The route is to be taken only in one direction.Starting point: In the town of Eisenerz

Duration: 2.5–4 hoursRequirements: difficultRoute: 35.1 km (▲ 1230 m ▼ 1228 m)

Eisenerz – along the public bike paths towards Hieflau – mostly on a separate bike path parallel to the Federal Highway B115 – branch off towards Radmer – on a little used road towards Radmer an der Stube – through the Finstergraben Rift Valley – to Radmerer Hals – into the Eisenerzer Ramsau Region – back to the center of the town of Eisenerz

Additional mountain bike routes in the region:

Alpenaquarium Grüblsee -- Alpine Aquarium Grübl Lake Grüblsee
Tauchen in Europas höchster Tauchschule Grübl Lake – Diving in Europe's Highest Altitude Diving School

The Alpine Aquarium at Lake Grübl on the Präbichl Mountain is a diving paradise for beginners and those with more experience. Breathtaking dives into the world of domestic alpine fish.
Diving base at Präbichl,
T: +43 (0)660 4638363

Frauenmauerhöhle -- Frauenmauer Cave

The Frauenmauer Cave is a walkthrough cave system and is part of the more than 15km of the extensive Frauenmauer-Langstein cave system. With a difference in altitude of nearly 600m, it is among the deepest caves in Austria.

Frauenmauerhöhle Osteingang

Frauenmauer Cave, eastern entranceStarting point: Top of the Präbichl Pass (The Polster lifts are no longer in operation).Hiking time: approx. 4.5 hoursHiking along the Polster Mountain – along the foot of the Griesmauer Mountain – to the Neuwaldegg Saddle – to the eastern entrance of the Frauenmauer Cave – passage through the cave with the professional guide to the western entrance – down into the valley to the bend at Gsoll

Frauenmauerhöhle Westeingang

Frauenmauer Cave, western entranceCan be reached starting in Eisenerz via the Gsoll alpine pasture.
Guided cave tour:The times for guided cave tours lead by authorized professional guides during clear weather conditions from June 15th to September 15th, Saturday, Sunday and holidays:
11:00am and 1:00pm at the western entrance12 noon and 2:00pm at the eastern entrance:Contact: Mr. Günter Stanglauer T: +43 (0)676 89815328, Mr. Albert Gutjahr T: +43 (0)664 9108777

Museum at the Former City Hall

In the 16th century, the former city hall building was the hub of the steel market of Innerberg. The former Councilors' Hall was the place where judges and councilors were elected to rule on the fate and fortune of the town. Today you can learn all about the rich past of the world-famous market, along with the history of the mining town of Eisenerz and its development throughout the years.
Open from May to October

T: +43 (0)3848 3615 or +43 (0)3848 251166

Postal Museum

The Postal Museum at Kammerhof is the home of an original Imperial & Royal mail coach that is still operable and accessible. It is parked in the K&K post office, dating from about 1900, on display with a customer counter, and antique telephone and a switchboard.The postal museum will take you on a journey through time to experience the day-to-day life of a postal clerk during the years of the Austrian Monarchy up to the present day. The museum also has its own treasure chamber. The exhibits shown in the two-story structure lets you take a look at the history of the Austrian Post Office.
Open from May 1st to October 31st:Thursday to Sunday+43 (0)664 4870222E-mail:

Show Copper Mine at Radmer

Take a ride on Austria's smallest underground mining tunnel railway through the Paradise Tunnel into a late-medieval copper mine. A guided tour lasts at least one hour. Warm clothes and good footwear are recommended. You will be provided with a protective helmet and jacket.
Open from April to the start of winter, by prior appointment only

T: +43 (0)3635 20030

Hochofenmuseum Radwerk IV -- Blast Furnace Museum at the Smelter with Wheel-powered Bellows Radwerk IV

Open from May to October, by prior appointment only through the Tourist Offices of Steirische EisenstraßeT: +43 (0)3849 832
Guided tours available all year, any day by prior appointment only.
T: +43 (0)664 73491994; +43 (0)676 6003706

Parish Church of St. Oswald

The Roman-Catholic parish church is the largest and most significant fortified church in Styria and is one of the few completely preserved churches of its kind in Austria. The church dedicated to Saint Oswald was built in the 15th to 16th centuries in the late Gothic style. It is considered to be the magnum opus of the Admont School of Construction. Situated on the Voglbichl, one of the northern foothills of the Erzberg Mountain, the parish church is surrounded by a bastion with fortified walls and towers.Roman Catholic Parish + 43 (0) 3848/2267

Shift Tower

The tower can be reached by taking a short serpentine pathway from the historic city center. The view from the Shift Tower of the town and the Erzberg Mountain is the perfect motif for every photographer. The owners of these Innerberg smelters with wheel-powered bellows had the tower built during the Renaissance to serve as a bell tower and fire watch tower. Take the time to take a little tour!

T: +43 (0)676 9358897

Erzberg Railway

Europe's Steepest Standard Gauge RailwayOpened in the year 1891 as a cogwheel railway for the transport of iron ore, this train line was operated until 1978 with steam engines. The Erzberg Railway is one of the most enjoyable railway routes in all of Europe.

For registration and information contact:+43(0)664/73491994

Eisenerz Erzbergbräu

Brewery & Inn-on-DemandThis craft brewery creates its beer using a traditional vat fermentation method, unfiltered without a heat treatment. At special culinary beer events, the brewery's own beer sommelier serves beers from all over the world to complement the courses selected. Be sure to book a guided tour of the brewery or combine it with a brewing seminar, where you can brew your own beer.

T: +43 (0)664 3202340

The Mining City of Leoben

Leoben, as the second-largest city in Styria, is a multi-faceted town combining the modern with the traditional; the perfect place to shop or just take a stroll.

Asia Spa Leoben

A world of recreation and relaxation. The Asia Spa in Leoben is a popular destination for avid swimmers and sauna-goers with its leisure pools and recreational areas. It has been featured as the best public swimming pool facility in Europe and its one-of-a-kind architectural structure, combined with a holistic relaxation concept, are all you need for your little piece of paradise in a stressful world.

Projekt Spielberg

Nomen est omen! In addition to experiencing the most modern racing circuit in the world, visitors have the countless possibilities--apart from motorsports, to come across the extraordinary. Come and see for yourself: There's absolutely nothing you can't find here.

Gesäuse National Park

Pristine landscapes, brought together by wild woods, even wilder water and wildly steep rocks are the perfect place to explore the great outdoors. Down in the valley, you'll find the more peaceful, woodsy meadows along the Enns River, right in the middle of the gentle orchid paradise of alpine pastures, all under the watchful eye of the golden eagle on his craggy throne.