The IRON ROAD PROLOGUE offers drama and action in its purest form. Riding skills, speed and the correct choice of your line through the many, many curves decide if you win or lose on your way up the gravel road that is 13,5 km long and up to 30 meters wide. Almost anything resembling a motorbike is entitled to compete in this race, assumed it is technically OK. Even street bikes like Harleys and Buells are not a rare sight at the starting area of the ERZBERGRODEO‘s prologue.

No matter what, this race has its secret heroes: The big twin-cylinder bikes. On the ultra-fast uphill sections, these behemoths with up to 1.250 ccm displacement reach speeds of 190 km/h, showing breathtaking drifts and leaving the spectators with awe and gooseflesh.

Rules are as simple as it can get: Riders start in 20 second intervals, each competitor has two attempts to beat the mountain.

The best 500 riders - fastest run only - qualify for the toughest single day race in the world, the RED BULL ERZBERGRODEO on Sunday. When the green lights say „go“, full throttle, optimal choice of track in the switchbacks, courage and riding skills take you from the paddock to the summit at 1,466 m sea level.

The Winner of Iron Road Prolog

2023 Andrea Verona (IT), Gasgas
2022 Kailub Russel (USA), KTM
2019 Josep Garcia (ESP), KTM
2018 Colton Haaker (USA), Husqvarna
2017 Ossi Reisinger (AUT), Husqvarna
2016 Ossi Reisinger (AUT), Husqvarna
2015 Jonny Walker (GB, KTM)
2014 Ossi Reisinger (AUT), Husqvarna
2013 Lars Enöckl (AUT), KTM
2012 Seppi Fally (AUT), Kawasaki
2011 Ossi Reisinger (AUT), Husqvarna
2010 Ossi Reisinger (AUT), Husqvarna
2009 Seppi Fally (AUT), Kawasaki
2008 Antoine Letellier (FRA), Aprilia
2007 Simo Kirssi (FIN), BMW
2006 Simo Kirssi (FIN), BMW
2005 Simo Kirssi (FIN), BMW
2004 Werner Müller (AUT),KTM
2003 Kurt Nicoll (UK), KTM
2002 Heinz Kinigadner (AUT), KTM
2001 Juha Salminen (FIN),KTM
2000 Chris Pfeiffer (GER), Gas Gas
1999 Heinz Kinigadner (AUT), KTM
1998 Jürgen Fink (AUT), KTM
1997 Ronnie Großkopf (AUT), Honda
1996 Chris Pfeiffer (GER), Gas Gas 1995 Karl-Heinz Holz (GER), KTM