SIBERIA Trial Xtreme Challenge


The spectaculous side event provides breathtaking Trials action at the Red Bull Erzbergrodeo Arena!

Most of todays Extreme Enduro top riders started their racing careers on a trials motorcycle – which might be the best way to learn perfect riding technique and motorcycle control! The new GASGAS TRIAL XTREME CHALENGE impressively prooves that a profound trials background is the most important tool for both Pros and Amateurs of Extreme Enduro! The race event is held at the spectacular trials parcour inside the ACERBIS ACTION ARENA, all competitors will ride the newest GASGAS trials motorcycles provided by GASGAS. In the qualifyings on Friday and Saturday riders get the chance to ride their personal hot-lap, trying to secure the fastest time on the track, which offers a real challenge with its 5 meter high curved wooden wall. Saturday evening will see the 48 fastest riders from the qualifyings emerge to the GASGAS TRIAL XTREME CHALLENGE Superfinals. The Superfinals offer lots of exciting racing action, as the eventual winner will be rewarded with a first row starting spot for the Red Bull Erzbergrodeo main race on Sunday!