4 Days of full throttle


They come from all over the world, regardless of profession and age, factory riders as well as amateurs and hobby riders - and they have one thing in common: They are tough. And they have one main opponent: The Iron Giant.

Not even Hollywood could provide for more thrill and suspense. 1.500 competitors fight for 500 entry spots. Amateurs and highprofile superstars of the sport rub their shoulders at the starting line. The BLAKLADER IRON ROAD PROLOGUE is the first test of the Erzberg, and only the best survive the pressure to give it all within less than 15 minutes of going wide open on a gnarly gravel racetrack. The RED BULL ERZBERGRODEO then takes every inch of determination that‘s left inside the hearts of these brave girls and men. These chosen riders have to prove stamina, courage and riding skills to remain victoriuos in their struggle against the infamous Iron Giant. And it is these riders, who are heart and soul of the RED BULL ERZBERGRODEO. The more they are tortured and humiliated, the more enthusiastically they spread the story of the toughest single day race in the world. Only real fighters take up this challenge and they give no mercy. They spare neither their bodies nor their motorbikes. That’s why they have to trust in the best equipment only. A made-to-measure target group for innovative brands and companies offering outstanding products or services! „FOR REAL MEN AND TOUGH GIRLS!“ This slogan fits like a glove when it‘s connected with the strong brandname of RED BULL ERZBERGRODEO.


RED BULL ERZBERGRODEO stands and delivers! Riders, spectators, journalists: they all get what they are hoping for - breathtaking motorsports action and party feeling ’round the clock!

Non-stop excitement and entertainment, no other dirtbike event can offer. If IRON ROAD PROLOGUE and RED BULL ERZBERGRODEO are still not enough to satisfy your needs, the race promotors still serve the thrilling ROCKET RIDE - a steep hillclimb, held upon the Erzbergrodeo‘s mighty uphill sections. But it‘s not all about racing at RED BULL ERZBERGRODEO - there‘s a lot more of entertaining action for competitors as well as spectators: RAID OVER ERZBERG: On Friday evening, the sleepy little town of Eisenerz will witness the peaceful raid of more than 3.000 motorbikes. Nowhere else will you see, hear and feel more offroad motorcycles! ONE-ON-ONE RIDER PRESENTATION: You will not come any closer to all the top level riders than during this head-to-head presentation. Don’t forget your camera, you would surely regret it. RODEO NIGHT RIDER‘S PARTY: Just a single, but long night away from the RED BULL ERZBERGRODEO, there is a place to be for all night-owls. Be prepared for action way past midnight. And don’t be surprised to be rubbing shoulders with riders you had formerly seen in glossy magazines only.

4 DAYS OF FULL THROTTLE - a motto, which stands for the characteristics of Red Bull Erzbergrodeo and all of his visitors since years..

MITAS Rocket Ride

ROCKET RIDE means massive throttle all the way up to the finish...! RED BULL ERZBERGRODEO-ADVICE: Xtreme-Endurosports leaves a lot of stains on man and machine. Properly cleaning your steed not only assures the performance of your bike, it also increases the durability and reliability of all components.  The peak is the limit: the Red Bull Erzbergrodeo‘s spectacolous Uphill-Race will prove, which riders can hold the throttle wide open...

The thrilling side event at the RED BULL ERZBERGRODEO has already turned out to be a real crowd‘s favourite when it was first introduced in 2009. Since then, more than 300 riders inscribe each year for the notorious hillclimb race and deliver spectacular action and epic fights for each and every inch of the track. ROCKET RIDE is all about conquering a massive, 4-story uphill section in the fastest possible way. Riders line up in groups of six and start the race in true MX-style with a starting machine and transponder timing. Only the 3 fastest riders of each group emerge to the next round. During qualification each rider has two attempts to reach the Superfinals where only the fastest 48 riders will fight for the prestigious ROCKET RIDE trophy. The  ROCKET RIDE offers a good taste of the Red Bull Erzbergrodeo‘s upcoming challenges, as the riders have to negotiate with one of the notorious, ultra-steep uphills of the RED BULL ERZBERGRODEO. The action will be followed by thousands of enthusiastic spectators to cheer on their favourite riders - so you better give it all, because mum could be watchin‘...!


2019 Ossi Resiginer (AUT,Husqvarna)
2018 Ossi Reisinger (AUT, Husqvarna)
2017 Ossi Reisinger (AUT, Husqvarna)

2016 Florian Salbrechter (AUT, Suzuki)
2015 Ossi Reisinger (AUT, Suzuki)
2014 Matthias Walkner (AUT, KTM)
2013 Michael Staufer (AUT, KTM)
2012 Seppi Fally (AUT, Kawasaki)
2011 Ossi Reisinger (AUT, Suzuki)
2010 Seppi Fally (AUT, Kawasaki)
2009 Gilles Dejong (BEL, KTM)

Iron Road Prologue

The biggest and craziest crowd in offroad motorcycling: 1.500 riders against the one, mean mountain!

The IRON ROAD PROLOGUE offers drama and action in its purest form. Riding skills, speed and the correct choice of your line through the many, many curves decide if you win or lose on your way up the gravel road that is 13,5 km long and up to 30 meters wide. Almost anything resembling a motorbike is entitled to compete in this race, assumed it is technically OK. Quads, scooters, sidecars und even street bikes like Harleys and Buells are not a rare sight at the starting area of the RED BULL ERZBERGRODEO‘s infamous prologue. No matter what, this race has its secret heroes: The big twin-cylinder bikes. On the ultra-fast uphill sections, these behemoths with up to 1,250 ccm displacement reach speeds of 190 km/h, showing breathtaking drifts and leaving the spectators with awe and gooseflesh. Rules are as simple as it can get: Riders start in 20 second intervals, each competitor has two attempts to beat the mountain. The best 500 riders – fastest run only - qualify for the toughest single day race in the world, the RED BULL ERZBERGRODEO on Sunday. When the green lights say „go“, full throttle, optimal choice of track in the switchbacks, courage and riding skills take you from the paddock to the summit at 1,466 m sea level.


2019 Josep Garcia (ESP,KTM)
2018 Colton Haaker (US, Husvarna)
2017 Ossi Reisinger (AUT, Husqvarna)
2016 Ossi Reisinger (AUT, Husqvarna)
2015 Jonny Walker (UK, KTM)
2014 Ossi Reisinger (AUT), Husqvarna
2013 Lars Enöckl (AUT), KTM
2012 Seppi Fally (AUT), Kawasaki
2011 Ossi Reisinger (AUT), Husqvarna
2010 Ossi Reisinger (AUT), Husqvarna 

2009 Seppi Fally (AUT), Kawasaki
2008 Antoine Letellier (FRA), Aprilia
2007 Simo Kirssi (FIN), BMW
2006 Simo Kirssi (FIN), BMW
2005 Simo Kirssi (FIN), BMW
2004 Werner Müller (AUT), KTM
2003 Kurt Nicoll (UK), KTM
2002 Heinz Kinigadner (AUT), KTM
2001 Juha Salminen (FIN), KTM
2000 Chris Pfeiffer (GER), Gas Gas
1999 Heinz Kinigadner (AUT), KTM
1998 Jürgen Fink (AUT), KTM
1997 Ronnie Großkopf (AUT), Honda
1996 Chris Pfeiffer (GER), Gas Gas
1995 Karl-Heinz Holz (GER), KTM


1 mountain. 500 riders. 23 checkpoints. 4 hours of time. And only a handful of riders crosses the finish line!

Welcome to the cruel reality of a true highlight - the RED BULL ERZBERGRODEO, which is regarded the toughest dirtbike race of the world! Only the fastest 500 riders out of the BLAKLADER IRON ROAD PROLOGUE qualify for the technically most demanding offroad competition worldwide. Alone the starting ceremony is a legend in its very own right. When, at 11:00 a.m., Karl Katoch guides the competitors down to the Erzberg lake, the thrilling atmosphere causes gooseflesh again.

At 12:00 o’ clock straight, waves of 50 riders are set loose and places in the front rows are much sought-after. Starting positions correspond with the times reached in the Prologue, so the fastest 50 riders of Iron Road Prologue start in the first row of the RED BULL ERZBERGRODEO. When Heinz Kinigadner and Karl Katoch rise the checkers, it’s 4 hours time for the riders to pass 23 checkpoints upon a gnarly track. At 4:00 pm, the game is over as the chequered flag is swung for the very last time. All riders still fighting with the track at this time are listed in the official results with their last checkpoint passed in running order.

Right after the start it is clear to everyone that there will be only one way to the finish line - straight up and over the mountain! While the top-riders are served with a spicy potpourri of endless uphills, formidable downhills, narrow forest trails and unforgiving rock sections, the vast majority of riders will spend most of their four hours at one of the first uphills. Only the best of the best are able to reach the legendary Red Bull Arch inside the Acerbis Action-Arena, making them the elite enduro riders in the whole world. The prize for this inhuman drudgery is no prize money. It‘s a piece of rock, shaped directly out of the Iron Giant‘s side. A piece of rock from the mountain the riders have beaten with willpower, determination and quite some battle scars...

The Winners of Red Bull Bull Erzbergrodeo:

Graham Jarvis (UK,Husqvarna)

Graham Jarvis (UK, Husvqarna)

Alfredo Gomez (ESP/KTM)
Graham Jarvis (UK/Husqvarna)

Jonny Walker (UK/KTM)
Graham Jarvis (UK/Husqvarna)
Andreas Lettenbichler (GER/KTM)
Alfredo Gomez (ESP/KTM)

2014 Jonny Walker (UK, KTM)
2013 Graham Jarvis (UK, Husaberg)
2012 Jonny Walker (UK, KTM)
2011 Taddy Błażusiak (POL, KTM)
2010 Taddy Błażusiak (POL, KTM)
2009 Taddy Błażusiak (POL, KTM)
2008 Taddy Błażusiak (POL, KTM)
2007 Taddy Błażusiak (POL, KTM)
2006 David Knight (UK, KTM)
2005 David Knight (UK, KTM)
2004 Chris Pfeiffer (GER, Gas Gas)
2003 Cyril Despres (AND, KTM)
2002 Cyril Despres (AND, KTM)
2001 Juha Salminen (FIN, KTM)
2000 Chris Pfeiffer (GER, Gas Gas)
1999 Stefano Passeri (ITA, KTM)
1998 Giovanni Sala (ITA, KTM)
1997 Chris Pfeiffer (GER, Gas Gas)
1996 Chris Pfeiffer (GER, Gas Gas)
1995 Alfie Cox (RSA, KTM)

Louis ONE on ONE Rider Presentation

Witness the elite in offroad motorcycle riding - any closer, and you‘ll need a helmet too!

Multiple Enduro world champions, X-Games medalists, Supercross icons, Trials legends, Dakar winners, FMX idols, ATV masters, even MotoGP factory riders appeared at the RED BULL ERZBERGRODEO‘s starting grid over the past 15 years. As close as it can get, for your eyes and camera lenses only. Our specially prepared Endurocross track will be the playground for these champions to show off their amazing skills in an all-new head-to-head presentation mode exclusively for camera teams, photographers and fans. 


10 years after Taddy Blazusiak, Heinz Kinigadner & Karl Katoch search for the new Xtreme Enduro super talent!

Pure motorcycle offroad action tight in the middle of the Acerbis Action Arena! In 2007 the Endurocross side event revealed the rising star of a guy called Taddy Blazusiak - 10 years later Heinz Kinigadner and Karl Katoch are again on the search for an interstellar talent, who can challenge the world elite of Xtreme Enduro Sports! On Friday and Saturday, each registered Red Bull Erzbergrodeo competitor can prove his skills at the gnarly Endurocross parcours by trying to beat the top-times of the Factory Superstars. The Grand Finals on Saturday evening will see the best amateurs race each other under the severe and critical eyes of the prominent jury. The winner respectively most impressive rider will be awarded with nothing less than a first row starting spot for the RED BULL ERZBERGRODEO !


A year-long tradition: the gigantous dirtbike-raid through the town of Eisenerz!

One afternoon of the year, the sleepy little town of Eisenerz roars under the sound of more than 3.000 motorcycles filling the streets with the most crazy and colourful motor-cycle raid. Immediately after the first heat of the IRON ROAD PROLOGUE race promotor Karl Katoch leads all competitors, spectators, as well as the complete Red Bull Erzbergrodeo Crew on a peaceful raid downtown to pay tribute to the friendly people of Eisenerz. Their support of the RED BULL ERZBERGRODEO from day one makes riders from all over the world feel welcome from the very first minute they arrive at Erzberg - so the riders pay back in their very own style...

45.000 visitors on 4 days 1.500 competitors from 40 nations 1.500 entries on the waiting list 4.500 entourage 800 staff members (total) 200 tourguides 100 emergency staff (Mountain Rescue Service, Red Cross & paramedics) 6 Helicopters 30 camera operators & 2 mobile broadcast units 250 Journalisten from 28 nations for hundreds of special guests huge festival marquee with culinaric services Info-Point for visitors parking area for 10.000 cars & bikes shuttle busses for spectators camping area tourist info in the center of Eisenerz 3 paddocks (for riders & tourguides) Family-Paddock (shuts down at 10:00 p.m.)

Live broadcast inside the Erzbergrodeo-Arena, festival marquee and VIP-Lounge Outdoor stage-truck with daylight videowall Factory Team presentation and signing hours Offroad parcours for rider- & team-presentations Actionsport-Zone Promotion area for Red Bull Erzbergrodeo partners extended merchandising area Helicopter flights and Erzberg-Hauly tours Motorcycle & ATV Adventure-Tours (for up to 300 people/day) LIVE-broadcast at ServusTV and Red Bull TV .


RED BULL ERZBERGRODEO has grown from a plain, yet superb sports event, known to insiders only, to a holistic experience for action seeking people of all tastes and styles - from all over the world. Here‘s a look at the numbers and facts behind the amazing event.

The efforts to organise the world‘s biggest motorcycle offroad event are truly as unique as the Red Bull Erzbergrodeo itself. Hundreds of crew people join together for one week in the year to build up a complete environment from scratch. Even without a single spectator it‘s more than 6.000 people from 5 continents who celebrate the event together. Inside the RED BULL ERZBERGRODEO-ARENA, the center of all activities at the Iron Giant, everything is prepared for visitors, competitors, staff members, journalists and supporting partners: shopping, culinary delights, exhibition stands, merchandise booths, not to forget the ACTION ZONE featuring spectacular side events such as the ONE-ON-ONE RIDER PRESENTATION, or the ENDUROCROSS. The factory teams of KTM, Huqvarna, Beta and other renowned manufactorers present their bikes and top riders, while many other vendors present their innovative products and services. The RED BULL ERZBERGRODEO VIP-LOUNGE offers exclusive services for up to thousand special guests, while the PRESS/MEDIA OFFICE hosts hundreds of international journalists and media people while reporting from the unique event. The big outdoor-videowall informs spectators about upcoming activities during the event and entertains the crowd by playing highlight-clips and interviews with selected athletes and celebrities. On saturday evening, everything culminates in the infamous RED BULL ERZBERGRODEO RIDER‘S PARTY. To make this biggest offroad festival of the world happen, hundreds of ambitious staff members are working behind the scenes. For four days, the complete infrastructure for the „small city at the iron mountain“ has to be established inside this huge quarry - an enormous task, which turns the Erzberg into the epicentre of the motorcycle offroad community each year!

NATIONS COMPETING AT RED BULL ERZBERGRODEO Competitors from 40 nations and all continents take part at the races:

Andorra Argentina Australia Austria Belgium Brazil Bulgaria Canada Columbia Croatia Czech Republic Denmark England Finnland France Germany Greece Hungary Ireland Israel Italy Japan Liechtenstein Luxemburg Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Norway Poland Portugal Romania Russia Serbia Sweden Switzerland Singapure Slovakia Slowenia Spain South Africa South Korea Turkey United States of America

The very close cooperation of the Erzbergrodeo with the RED BULL MEDIA HOUSE results in a truly comprehensive national and international TV-coverage. The distribution is successfully handled over the Red Bull Content Pool and lifted the output to fully new dimensions. Since 2012, the US-based TV-network NBC broadcasts Red Bull Erzbergrodeo footage to over 110 million living rooms. The German speaking parts of Europe are backed up by Austrian TV-network ORF and of course by ServusTV. The LIVE-broadcast of the Red Bull Hare Scramble 2013 was extremely successful and could only be topped by Red Bull STRATOS - Felix Baumgartner‘s impressive jump out of the stratosphere earlier this year! In 2015, spectators in front of their TV- and computer-screens were able to witness the unique fight of the Factory Pros against the tough terrain of Erzberg and watched the drama until the very end. The LIVE online-broadcast at the RED BULL HARD-ENDURO CHANNEL at redbull.com additionally offers hundreds of thousands visitors all around the globe the chance to witness the epic fight of the world‘s best dirbike athletes against the Iron Giant.

The Red Bull Erzbergrodeo‘s national and international print media output is more than remarkable. There is nearly no European motorcycle magazine which does not issue a report about the world‘s biggest dirtbike race, and so do well-known magazines in the USA, Australia, Canada, Japan, Asia, the middle east, South America and South Africa. Daily newspapers in Austria, Germany, the UK and other European countries release short reports and results as well. Print media reports about the Red Bull Erzbergrodeo reach more than 15 million readers on all continents each year. Journalists and photographers reporting from the Red Bull Erzbergrodeo are supported on site with all facts and numbers about the event by our own PRESS & MEDIA SERVICE. This includes the organisation of interviews with top riders, transportation to the most spectacular parts of the racetracks and the possibility to write and publish reports out of the the Red Bull Erzbergrodeo media office on site. Cooperations with GEPA PICTURES and RED BULL CONTENT POOL also offer free-of-charge picture services from all races to newspaper and magazines. This extended all-around service is free for all accredited journalists and photographers - and is surely one of the main reasons for the outstanding output of print reports about Red Bull Erzbergrodeo all over the globe.


The RED BULL ERZBERGRODEO reaches millions of people all over the world in words & (motion)pictures... This dimension of professional coverage is unique for international Endurosports.

The international media interest for the RED BULL ERZBERGRODEO has increased steadily over the past 22 years, and due to the event‘s extended press & media services it has reached new heights in the past 7 years. Nowadays, millions of people in the whole world receive up to date informations about the biggest and toughest Enduro race. An ever increasing number of international competitors attracts media interest not only from Europe, but from overseas as well. No modern day motorcycle magazine can afford to not cover the RED BULL ERZBERGRODEO. Lifestyle magazines, daily newspapers, TV networks, hundreds of websites - they all bear witness of the importance of the event. Since 2012, the Live-broadcast of the RED BULL ERZBERGRODEO at ServusTV and Red Bull TV creates even more interest. For any news visit erzbergrodeo.at, the internet homebase of this unique dirtbike festival. In the days and weeks following up to the RED BULL ERZBERGRODEO, this website is accessed millions of times for results, images and ready-to-print stories. On facebook and twitter thousands of fans around the globe communicate with the event and it‘s main protagonists .

More than 150.000 likes at facebook.com and over 4.000 followers at twitter.com prove that the RED BULL ERZBERGRODEO has established itself in the major social media tools as well. The fandom loves to be informed about news and backstage stories about the world‘s biggest Xtreme Enduro and many of the international offroad superstars are using the Red Bull Erzbergrodeo sites to stay in contact with their fans. On YouTube, hundreds of entertaining Red Bull Erzbergrodeo videos (some of them self-produced) spread the „Myth of Erzbergrodeo“ all over the world.

Erzbergrodeo Eventinfo (ENG)
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